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Navigating Real Estate with The Grove Team

Welcome to the Grove Team where we’re dedicated to helping navigate the intricate real estate landscape, from securing deals through inspections, financing, repairs, to closing, with skill and finesse. Our mission is to work with you, whether you’re a renter looking to transition to homeownership, someone seeking to upgrade, or looking to realize the potential for rental income from your existing properties. At The Grove Team, we’re not just about real estate; we’re about helping you secure your future.

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In the listing phase, we begin your real estate journey together where we navigate offers and negotiations until we find the best terms for your sale. As a buyer, we can process an earnest money deposit if needed, assist in choosing a professional to conduct a thorough home inspection, and coordinate a title search. As a seller, we will help coordinate the appraisal process in order to put the best value on your home.


As we transition to the showing phase, we help you make informed decisions with our guidance, including those related to financing and inspections. As a buyer or seller, we will guide the walk-through process on your behalf. For buyers, we will help you assess the property's condition and advise on any negotiated repairs. For sellers, we assist in removing contingencies, especially relating to financing and inspections.


When it comes to the closing phase, we review all documents with you, such as the lender's comprehensive Closing Settlement Statement, offering a detailed breakdown of all closing aspects. At the closing meeting, we can help you sign the necessary documents to complete the sale and have it recorded.

Rental Property Management

When you partner with us to manage your property, we streamline everything from the onboarding process for your units to minimize vacancy periods while screening tenants to ensure that only reliable individuals are selected. We take care of lease negotiations, signings, regular property inspections, and timely maintenance and repairs. Our financial management services encompass rent collection, expense payments, and financial reporting so we can provide you with the convenience and peace of mind of a thriving investment.

Reputation Built on Experience, Service, Integrity, and Results

The Grove Team brings decades of experience to each and every deal. We take pride in our homegrown roots and are deeply committed to supporting local businesses that have supported us for generations. From collaborating with local contractors for construction and repairs to partnering with local banks for mortgage lending, we prioritize community businesses for the benefit of our clients. When you choose to work with us, you’re choosing to keep your money within our community. We are locally owned and invested in the success of our community.

"Great sales strategy and easily accessible whenever I reached out with questions. We closed on time. His staff is very professional and responds promptly. He knows the local market very well. I was very happy and would use him again. "
Baker City

what our clients say about us

Mitch has been a mentor of mine for years and did an absolutely amazing job helping me buy my first house. I could not recommend him more. His transparency, communication, and knowledge were so appreciated throughout the whole process. I will be using Mitch for all of my real estate endeavors as long as I can.


Baker City


We had Karla help us with selling our house and adjacent property outside of Baker City, and her knowledge of the area and process we’re a HUGE help! We were also in the process of buying another house out of state, so the timing had to be just right. Karla was able to find a buyer and help close the deal quickly and smoothly. A+


Baker City


Mitch did a fantastic job with helping me purchase a duplex, always staying in touch and getting me the information I needed to make a good decision. I appreciate his knowledge and willingness to help. I have recommended Mitch to other friends and will use him again in the future.


Baker City

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