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Deep Roots and Dedicated Service: The Grove Team Legacy

The Grove Team is a family-driven real estate company that has been dedicated to serving Baker City and its surrounding communities for decades. Founded by Mary Jo and Jim Grove, our team’s roots run deep in the local area. As a locally-owned and operated real estate firm, we take pride in ensuring that the financial impact of our services stays right here in our community, benefitting our neighbors and enhancing the local economy. We truly work as a team, a well-oiled machine, and our focus is on helping buyers and sellers with utmost professionalism. Our mission is clear: to guide you through the intricate process of real estate transactions while providing a personal touch and local expertise

Meet the Team

Mary Jo Grove

Mary Jo Grove


With 43 years of experience in real estate, Mary Jo is a trusted presence in the field. Her favorite aspect of her job is helping people find their dream homes, sell properties, and make sound investment choices. She’s proud to have earned the trust of her clients over decades and is passionate about providing them with the finest real estate services around. Despite the challenges posed by rising interest rates, Mary Jo’s skills and finesse in handling real estate transactions have helped many clients achieve their goals. As she balances her professional achievements, she remains dedicated to her family and her community.


Karla Smith

Principal Broker

Karla, with over 25 years of real estate experience, has been a key member of The Grove Team since 1993. She appreciates the dynamic nature of her work where no two days are alike and each transaction brings unique challenges. Her passion lies in helping people realize their dreams by finding their perfect home. She excels in managing various aspects of the real estate process, as challenges like inspections, appraisals, and competing offers are met with her personal determination and skill. Karla views The Grove Team as a dedicated and professional collective that works as a team, ensuring clients always receive top-notch service. She’s earned accolades, including Realtor of the Year for 2012 and 2020, and is proud of her successful real estate career filled with happy customers.

Mitch Grove


Mitch has been a broker for over 9 years, all with The Grove Team. He relishes the variety that the job offers, appreciating that every day presents new challenges and opportunities. His favorite part of the job is working with people to enhance their financial positions by helping renters become homeowners, assisting clients in property upgrades, and unlocking the potential of rental income from existing properties. While real estate can be a demanding field, Mitch values the flexibility it provides, enabling him to work with high school athletes as a volunteer coach. He’s proud of his family’s multi-generational involvement in real estate and support of the local community.

Jaclyn Foss


With several years of experience in real estate, Jaclyn brings a fresh and energetic perspective to The Grove Team. Her passion lies in helping people find their perfect homes and embark on their next life adventure. She faces every challenge through a commitment to guiding her clients through these obstacles. The Grove Team embodies a community-driven, experienced, local, and family-owned spirit that resonates with Jaclyn’s values. Her proudest achievements include building her business from the ground up while maintaining a harmonious balance between work, community involvement, and family. Jaclyn’s dedication to her clients and the Baker City community shines through her every endeavor.


Property Manager

With 4 years of dedicated service in the real estate industry, April brings a dynamic and enthusiastic approach to The Grove Team. She thrives in the fast-paced, ever-changing landscape of her position, relishing the opportunity to interact with a diverse array of people daily. April faces each shift in the ever-evolving landlord/tenant laws with adaptability and professionalism. For her, The Grove Team represents a friendly, family-oriented cornerstone within the community. Her ability to adeptly problem-solve as unforeseen issues arise is a vital asset in helping members the community find a place they can truly call home

Why us?

When you choose The Grove Team, you’re partnering with a team that’s deeply rooted in the local community. Our commitment to the Baker City area and its residents is unwavering. We provide a comprehensive suite of services for both owners and renters that promotes a real estate journey that is smooth, successful, and personalized. For owners, we streamline the onboarding process, employ strategic marketing to minimize vacancy periods, and handle the entire tenant screening process. We manage lease agreements, conduct regular property inspections, and provide financial management services, offering peace of mind and a thriving investment. For renters, we guide you through the search for ideal spaces, manage lease agreements, offer maintenance support, and ensure open communication throughout your tenancy, prioritizing a positive rental experience. With The Grove Team, you’re not just working with experienced professionals but a dedicated local team that understands the unique needs of buying, selling, and managing property in Baker County.

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